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New visitors please read!

PostPosted: Tue Dec 06, 2005 9:20 am
by Anthony
Hi and welcome to our new Barbados travel and news forum (the old forum, with archived posts going back several years, is <a href="/cgi-bin/agnes.cgi?BarbadosAgnes+BarbadosAgnesHTML">here</a>). Anyone and everyone can read this forum, but you must be <a href="">registered</a> to post. Times are changing on the web and we hope to broaden the discussion here a bit to include not only travel talk but also news about Barbados and other relevant events.

We want everyone to share information here and have fun - we don't want spam, commercial postings, or profanity. What that means - no unsolicited postings of other websites, no ads, and no cursing each other out! You <b>CAN</b> post links to news when you find something newsworthy, or a great travel deal, events, etc. And of course you can post a reply that mentions another site if it is pertinent - just please no "Check out my new site" posts and things of that nature.

We also encourage you to visit our <a href="/islands/br/"> Barbados travel guide</a> pages, where you can find a lot of good info for planning your trip, and some great <a href="/islands/br/brm.shtml">maps of Barbados</a>, as well as daily <a href="/islands/br/barbados-hotel-specials.shtml">Barbados hotel specials</a> and <a href="/hotelreviews/br/">Barbados hotel reviews</a>.

Let's keep it civil and have fun. If you are interested in becoming a monitor of this forum send me and <a href="">email</a> and make sure to mention what forum you are talking about!

Thanks -

Anthony for Caribbean-On-Line