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Sol Luna & Mares or Playa Turquesa?

Travel & news discussion about Cuba

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Sol Luna & Mares or Playa Turquesa?

Postby tryinginvain » Mon Apr 10, 2006 9:36 am


I've been to the Luna twice, and thought it was really great. Has anyone been to both that and the Turquesa? I will probably book the Luna again but I'm tempted to try the Turquesa. I'm curious about the quality of the beach, if there is a reef you can snorkel to from the shore, and any other comments comparing the two resorts.

Also, some companies call it the Allegro Playa Turquesa and others call it the Grand Playa Turquesa. I assume it is the same property and same rooms but does anyone know for sure? I noticed one had no single supplement and another did for the same week but I thought that was more a hotel decision than a tour operator decision so I don't understand the difference.


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Postby YVR » Mon Apr 10, 2006 10:52 pm

I can comment only on the Playa Turquesa resort from personal experience, but will add that from what I've heard Playa Esmeralda (Sol beach) is superior. The Turquesa is on it's own stretch of beach (actually a former mangrove swamp area which was filled-in and loaded up with dredged sand). There is lots of natural vegetation for shade and plenty of sun loungers are available.

The snorkeling off the beach at Playa Turquesa is a ways out from the beach and in our opinion, just mediocre. Best way to get out to the reef formations is to sign out a pedal boat (one hour per day time limit). You'll have to take turns snorkeling as there is nowhere to tie up the boat. We did swim out to the reef formation a couple of times, between 1/2 to 1 kilometer from the beach, but it's strenuous when the water is a bit choppy.

The Allegro and Grand Playa Turquesa are the same property, but not the same rooms. Occidental usually offers it's resorts in either the Allegro or Grand catagory, Allegro being a step down from Grand, so this resort is unusual in that both are on the same property and share all the common facilities. The Allegro rooms are farthest from the beach area in the back section near the tennis courts. I believe they are numbered in the 800 series and when the resort first opened, staff were using some of these rooms. When we stayed at the Turquesa, we were in the Grand section and had a room in the 500 block, closer to the beach. The resort is large and a bit spread out. The outstanding feature of the Turquesa are the inter-connected swimming pools which cascade from one level to the next as the property is also sloped.

I have photos and if you wish to view them, please get in touch. Here's a link to the Turquesa resort map I submitted: ... #entry8967
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Postby tryinginvain » Tue Apr 11, 2006 2:40 pm

Thanks for the info. I think I'll stick with the Luna. That beach is hard to beat, plus I thought the food was really good and that's rare (for me) in Cuba.

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