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Travel & news discussion about Cuba

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Postby pedro75 » Mon Apr 24, 2006 3:02 am

Accommodation in a private house (Casa Particular) could be one of the more interesting experiences that you may enjoy while you travel to Cuba, specially if you want to get to know from the first hand how Cubans live and think and how is the "Real Cuba".

Cuba is an unusual country in many facts and the only way to get to know the true feeling of Cuba and its people, and obtain a deep knowledge of the Cuban society; is to maintain a regular interaction with Cubans, your hosts for example, and this you will achieve choosing to stay in this kind of private accommodation, casas particulares. We guarantee, that you will learn a lot about Cuba.

Staying in a Casa Particular you will get many other benefits like:

Get in touch with the truly Cuban people: If you stay in a big resort in a beach, you will never get an opportunity to talk and to make friends with the real people. You will only meet workers of the hotel and other tourists like you. You will miss the main attraction of Cuba, its people. By staying in a hostel or apartment living with Cubans you will get a feeling of the "Real Cuba".

Lower prices: It is much cheaper to lodge in a private room or bed and breakfast than stay in a hotel. This does not mean you will be less comfortable, on the contrary, you will have the same conditions as a hotel, air conditioning, hot and cold water, a comfortable bed, and the price will be 3 or 4 times less than a hotel. Doing so you will save some money and extend your travel to Cuba.

Directly help the Cubans: Staying in a casa particular you will be directly contributing to a person or family's stand of living.

Privacy: If you stay in a private accommodation (casa particular) you could invite to your room any friend you may want to. Something that you won't be able to do if you stay in a hotel, because you can't have Cuban guests in official hotel rooms.

For more information:
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dvd players in cuba

Postby mzse » Thu May 25, 2006 5:53 pm

can you tell me how i can get into cuba with dvd players, not portable.e mail address is
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Postby Linda_B » Sun Jun 18, 2006 5:39 am

I couldn't agree more! I just came back from Cuba after having stayed there in a casa particular for three months and I absolutely loved it. The woman I lived with and I became good friends, mainly because she managed to teach me almost fluent Spanish during my stay (I didn't speak a word upon my arrival)
Staying at a hotel will show you nothing of what Cuba is really like. The chance that you will get in touch with "real" (I'll explain that a little later) is so slim, because you just have tourist written all over you. I'm blond with blue eyes and at the end of my stay people were still looking at me, but as soon as I opened my mouth and spoke I gained alot more respect, just because it was obvious I knew how the Cuban way of life worked, which I wouldn't have known had I stayed at a hotel.
I say "real" Cubans, just because often, the ones hanging around the streets waiting for a tourist to walk by have made it their daily work to gain money from selling a service to a tourist. Many of them are still wonderful people, but others sell their soul a little doing it and would steal your pants if they could.
Anyhow, I could go on forever about my stay in Cuba, but I can only highly recommend staying at casa particulares. I stayed at a wonderful casa, if anyone is interested please don't hesitate to pm or email me.
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