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Playa Coco Cayo, Hola Sun and Cubana Airlines

Travel & news discussion about Cuba

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Playa Coco Cayo, Hola Sun and Cubana Airlines

Postby Rachel » Tue Nov 15, 2005 9:20 pm

Hello; Have been investigating a trip to Playa Coco Cayo for two children, a grandmother and myself for March Break. The price is right for this resort, and I see it is listed as a 4*. I really only want beach, food that will not ail, and general cleanliness. Children are happy to stay put. Please, can someone answer the following:
1) Are the negative reviews on this resort those only of the disgruntled? Is the food okay (not in terms of variety, but in terms of being well-prepared)?
2) I once heard that Hola Sun is not as good as other tour companies in providing a rep in Cuba? True?
3) I realize we don't hear of Cubana Airlines crashing everyday, so their safety record must be pretty good, but for the paranoid mother...okay?
Thanks in advance. I realize this is a forum that is frequented by Cuba regulars who probably don't have much time for "newcomers" who probably ask redundant questions, but I would very much appreciate any input.
Thanks, Rachel
P.S. I have been to Guardalavaca (Breezes), if that is any comparison.
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Postby Beattle » Wed Nov 16, 2005 2:40 am

I can't answer your first question about the resort, but can comment on the other 2.

2: I have travelled with many tour operators, with Hola Sun being on the recieving end several times. I have never had a problem with them, or, for that matter, any tour reps. Your best bet is too know who you are with, find the bus, which is easy, when arriving, and pay attention to when your orrientation is. Once you find your rep for the resort, and see his/her face, your on your way. Like I said though, I have never had a need for my rep at all on any of my trips.

3: Cubana. I have flow with them twice. Once in 1997 which was a thrill. The last time being last April. (Toronto-Havana and back) Cubana has very much improved over the years. New aircraft, better service. If your flying down with them, your most likely going to be in thier new airbus A320/321. A very nice plane. Thier pilots are very well trained. (I also have a Cubana DVD on thier airbus flights to Toronto/Paris/Santiago de Cuba etc etc.) Flying with them should not be a problem, and you may actually enjoy it. I found that the plane was less cramped, and the leg room was better for regular seats then say skyservice. I had emergency exit seats on my flight, and was more then happy with that.


Jay :)
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Postby Rachel » Thu Nov 17, 2005 5:58 pm

Thanks very much for your reply, Jay. I understand the resort is quite new, but it seems pretty good. thanks again
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