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Sky "lack of" Service Strikes Again!

Travel & news discussion about Cuba

Moderator: Bigjohn

Sky "lack of" Service Strikes Again!

Postby Gambitt » Thu Sep 07, 2006 4:00 pm

Just a warning if you are flying SS this week...

Apparently, their reservation system/ flights are so screwed up, due to flight confusion, that they are making customers stay overnight in Toronto (losing a day of vacation) ... Nothing on their website.. You just find out when you get to the airport!

Then, the flight which whas to be 24hrs late!!! is 4 hrs later than what they originally lied, the day before!!!..

Bottom line... CALL the airline direct, and ask for a supervisor. Do NOT accept what is posted on their web site.

To Carib staff.. this is first hand info, as I have spent the last 24hrs talking to my parents, who are stuck at Pearson, and I will provide details, on a pm request!
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Postby Bigjohn » Fri Sep 08, 2006 10:54 pm

If people were kept informed, a lot of good will would be generated.
Some companies don't seem to understand.
Perhaps there is no information on their website because even they don't know what is happening.
Good luck to your parents Gambitt. I will be flying Skyservice in 2 weeks to Cuba and I sure hope their problems are cleared by then.
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