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cuban in england - advice needed

Travel & news discussion about Cuba

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cuban in england - advice needed

Postby markviv » Fri Oct 20, 2006 9:41 am

hi, I have posted once before when i needed info on what i needed to do to invite a cuban to england - thanks to those replies. Said Cuban has now been in England for nearly 3 months and a few weeks ago she stated that when her visitor visa expired, she intended to stay in London illegally, as there are many people who do this. As you can imagine, I blew my top as this would have dire consequences on me. She said that after 6 months she would not need my help, which kinda begs the questions as to why I should continue to sponsor her for the remaining 3 months. Anyway, advice I'm after is what exactly is the impact on me??? Aware possibility of criminal record which would curtail my freedom. If authorities find out she is still in country, they would point finger at me etc etc. This may sound selfish, but since I'm paying for her to currently live in London, maybe it isn't. We are very good friends, but had I known of her intentions when sending the Letter of Invitation, I would never have followed it through...
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Postby AdoreCuba » Tue Nov 07, 2006 7:25 am

Could u not see this happening? Am surprised that u didn't. Oldest trick in the book.....Check with the Embassy and see if u are liable for her. Good Luck.
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