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Grenada Conserves

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Grenada Conserves

Postby KarenS » Tue Apr 04, 2006 8:00 am

From Caribbean Net News: "In an inspiring move for the Caribbean region, the nation of Grenada has pledged to put 25 percent of near-shore marine and 25 percent of terrestrial natural resources under effective conservation by 2020.

The Declaration, approved by Grenada’s Cabinet, will lead to a nine-fold increase in protection of Grenada’s marine environment and more than double protection of its terrestrial environment.

'Efforts to ensure the health, prosperity and cultural heritage of nations are unlikely to succeed if the ecosystem services on which we rely continue to be degraded,' said Minister Ann David-Antoine from Grenada’s Ministry of the Environment.

'For us in Grenada, today indeed marks a historic and momentous juncture in our efforts to protect, conserve, enhance and restore the quality and value of our natural resources in order to sustain social and economic development for present and future generations,' she continued."

For more go to: ... 001143.htm
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