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Caribbean-On-Line » Caribbean Travel News » Antigua & Barbuda » Montserrat » Antigua to Montserrat Ferry

Antigua to Montserrat Ferry

From Travel Weekly:

Ferry service will launch Dec. 7 with three trips a week between Antigua and Montserrat; the service will operate six days a week from Dec. 7 to 31...

...Roundtrip fares for the 75-minute ferry trips are $115.

Comments (2)

Cheryl Lescheid said quote-icon-20.gif

Hi I'm just wondering if this ferry rate is quoted in USD or another currency. Please clarify.
Cheryl Lescheid

Anthony said quote-icon-20.gif

Since the article used the dollar sign, I was assuming U.S. dollars, but it could be ECB - Eastern Caribbean Dollars. I will try to check for you -

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