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The Cuba Question

Here is an article about the new US stance towards Cube from the St. Kitts & Nevis Democrat:

"The real impact on Caribbean tourism will come when the US and Cuba normalize relations and the 49-year old US embargo on Cuba comes to an end but, the worry that Obama's decision has created in some Caribbean countries is a good thing. None of them should predicate the development of their tourist industry on a continuing trade blockade of Cuba by the US."

Emphasis mine - and I definitely agree. Cuba is close to the US, will probably remain inexpensive (although I am sure the high end will have a spot too), and will most likely have a "taboo" effect that will make it impossible for American tourists to resist.

Obama to Loosen Restrictions on Policy With Cuba

This news is a couple of weeks old, but still welcome! From the NY Times:

WASHINGTON -- President Obama plans to abandon longstanding restrictions on family travel and remittances to Cuba, an administration official said Saturday, fulfilling a campaign promise in a pivotal swing state and signaling a possible warming of relations with the Castro government.

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