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GHL Group Takes Over Both Kura Hulanda Hotels

Interesting news from Curaçao - first the Kura Hulanda hotel goes bankrupt:

"Sandton Kura Hulanda Hotel & Spa in Otrabanda declared bankrupt The Sandton-managed Hotel Kura Hulanda Management N.V. (the Sandton Kura Hulanda Hotel & Spa in Otrabanda) was declared bankrupt by the court today."

And now there is news that a Columbian hotel group has taken over the property and will re-open on December 1st:

"Kura Hulanda Inc. has signed an agreement with GHL Hotels from Colombia to operate both hotels in Curacao, Kura Hulanda Otrabanda and Kura Hulanda Lodge in West Point, starting December 1 of this year. This is according to representatives of both organizations. Both hotels will start operating again on the date mentioned."

This may be a positive for former employees also.

Special Curaçao deals from Travelocity

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Orange Dive, Curacao

We just added Orange Dive to our Curacao diving and snorkeling page. Check them when you get a chance - they have a great website.

Amid Caribbean slump, Curacao tourism booms

Interesting story:

Willemstad, Curacao --- In a grim season for Caribbean tourism, an island just north of Venezuela stands out: Hotel rooms are scarce and discounts unavailable.

That's largely because Curacao is crowded with Venezuelans, many fleeing their country's spiraling inflation and currency controls for a Dutch Caribbean island best known for its diving opportunities and historic city center, a U.N. World Heritage site.

While other destinations are slashing prices and laying off resort workers, officials in Curacao have been trying to find private apartments for surplus visitors.

"We're doing very, very well," Billy Jonckheer, vice president of the Curacao Hospitality and Tourism Association, said Tuesday. "Right now, you won't find a room on the island."

Curacao officials project 2008 visitor growth of 30 percent to about 390,000 people. The latest statistics from the Caribbean Tourism Organization show that rate would be the highest in the region at a time when the global economic crisis and airline flight cutbacks are eroding the key industry.

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