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Caribbean-On-Line » Caribbean Travel News » Curacao » GHL Group Takes Over Both Kura Hulanda Hotels

GHL Group Takes Over Both Kura Hulanda Hotels

Interesting news from CuraƧao - first the Kura Hulanda hotel goes bankrupt:

"Sandton Kura Hulanda Hotel & Spa in Otrabanda declared bankrupt The Sandton-managed Hotel Kura Hulanda Management N.V. (the Sandton Kura Hulanda Hotel & Spa in Otrabanda) was declared bankrupt by the court today."

And now there is news that a Columbian hotel group has taken over the property and will re-open on December 1st:

"Kura Hulanda Inc. has signed an agreement with GHL Hotels from Colombia to operate both hotels in Curacao, Kura Hulanda Otrabanda and Kura Hulanda Lodge in West Point, starting December 1 of this year. This is according to representatives of both organizations. Both hotels will start operating again on the date mentioned."

This may be a positive for former employees also.

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