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Dominica: The world's leading eco-tourism destination?

From Caribbean360

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Thursday May 5, 2011 - Of the 249 places in the world in which human beings live and work, the small Caribbean island of Dominica (751 sq km) ranks at 187 in size.

Even so, it is bigger than well-known Caribbean tourism destinations such as St Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Grenada, Cayman Islands, St Kitts-Nevis, British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, and St Marten.

Two reasons account for Dominica being left behind by neighbouring Caribbean islands in the development of tourism. The first is that it has no white, sandy beaches - the iconic symbol of "Caribbean tourism"; and, second, it doesn't have an international airport. It is served by small aircraft operated by American Eagle from Puerto Rico, and LIAT for inter-island transportation.

Nonetheless, the island is a veritable garden of trees, plants, and colourful flowers. Much of it is luxuriant rain forest, majestic in its spread over mountain ranges and into lush valleys. The entire terrain is adorned by gushing waterfalls; narrow, flowing rivers and hot sulphur springs. Not surprisingly, it is home to hundreds of species of birds. Private operators in Dominica have also developed a vibrant whale-watching industry, taking advantage of the country's marine life, and providing an added attraction for its visitors. The island, therefore, is as an eco-tourism paradise.

New maps of Dominica

We just added brand new maps of Dominica that were commissioned from our partners Cartographers Ltd. These maps have locations of hotels and lots of other details like beaches, diving spots, and points of interest. They were just newly revised in 2010, so they should be very accurate.

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