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grenada-round-the-island.jpgGRENADA ROUND-THE-ISLAND RACE (October 15, 2008) Grenada - The historic and prestigious Grenadian sailing event is getting wind in her sails, returning for our 2009 race! The 7th Annual Grenada Round-the-Island Race kicks off on March 13th on the magnificent Grand Anse Beach, presented by the Grenada South Coast Yacht Club (GSCYC). This year's race hosts a ton of exciting water sports competitions-in addition to the main race there will be a youth boating exhibition, not to mention the Bath Tub Derby brought back by popular demand. But the climax of the weekend activities, from March 13th to the 15th, will no doubt be the greeting of the crews after a long all day sail around the island followed by a huge Post Race Ceremony, Party and Prize Giving. Special acts to be announced!
In addition to a lot of fun in the sun, there will be a tribute to Peter Spronk's legacy which we hope will raise funds for the first annual GSCYC's youth sailing scholarship.

A little History of the Grenada Round-the-Island Race

Today's modern Grenada Round-the-Island Easter Regatta, as organized by the Grenada South Coast Yacht Club, has been a combination of three traditional sailing events in Grenada's Sailing Calendar, namely the Girl Pat Feeder Race, from Trinidad to Grenada, the Round-the-Island race & the Easter Regatta. With the predecessor to the modern round-the-island race first taking place in 1969, being held until 1971, when it was discontinued, then starting up again in 1990 and run intermittently until 1999, a group of sailing enthusiasts, revived this race in February 2002, when it was held as a single race.

The following year, 2003, saw the same group of young people aim higher with revival of Grenada's Easter Regatta, and its famous feeder race, the Girl Pat Race from Trinidad, blended with the hardened sailors' favorite - the round-the-island race. The GSCYC was born that same year as the organizing body & host for the new Grenada Round-the-Island Easter Regatta.
For the past few years, these old sailing traditions, with a new twist, have challenged and entertained local, regional and some international yachtsmen, who have visited our shores for the express purpose of partaking in this event.

We've already received a ton of interest from returning crews and new participants alike. We hope to see you there!

CONTACT: Jovanna K. Giannasio-Fern
Grenada South Coast Yacht Club
473 439-4369
Grenada Round-the-Island Race

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