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Caribbean-On-Line » Caribbean Travel News » St. Barts » WIMCO to offer dining discount card on St. Barts

WIMCO to offer dining discount card on St. Barts

NEWPORT, RI, Dec. 2, 2008 - Sampling the exceptional restaurants on St. Barts will be easier on the wallet in 2009.

Wimco Villas is launching a dining card, available exclusively to its clients, that peels 10 percent off the cost of a meal at a growing list of island restaurants for guests booking a Wimco Villas vacation (villa or hotel) on St. Barts for travel anytime from Jan. 4, '09 through Dec. 14, '09.

Restaurants range from the hip beachside Nikki Beach cafe to the classic Le Gaiac, the Relais & Chateaux centerpiece of Hotel Le Toiny; and from the traditional Wall House to the cutting edge cuisine of Tamarin.

"Enjoying outstanding food in a relaxed unhurried setting is one of the main reasons our clients come to St. Barts," says Stiles Bennet, Wimco Villas' vice president of marketing and sales. "Typically a couple eating out at a top notch restaurant could spend $150 or more for a dinner. Based on five nights out this card represents a $75 savings - or a bottle of good champagne."

Another way to look at the savings, he says, is to note that it almost wipes out the 12% "service compris" tip that restaurants in France, and St Barts, automatically apply to a dinner bill.

As of Dec 2, the dining venues included in the program include:

Le Gaiac - 4 star Relais & Chateaux dining experience at Hotel Le Toiny

Wall House - classic French cuisine on Gustavia Harbor

Victoria's - new 4 star restaurant at hotel Carl Gustaf

Tamarin - highly regarded cuisine in a funky bohemian setting

Jao - hip Thai restaurant on Gustavia Harbor

• L'Esprit de Saline - innovative contemporary cuisine in a garden setting

Le Ti St Barth - classic restaurant known for its late night table dancing

Indigo - upscale beachside bistro at Hotel Guanahani

• Barthelemeo - elegant restaurant at Hotel Guanahani

• Nikki Beach - hip beachside restaurant

Bennet notes that typically Wimco Villas' clients seek out St. Barts because of its quaint French culture, family-friendly environment, uncrowded beaches, fine cuisine and world-class shopping.

Through Wimco, villa guests alike can enjoy a wide range of concierge services: private chefs, in-villa spa treatments, in-villa cooking classes, provisioning the villas, babysitters, French lessons, yoga classes and more. In addition to air and car reservation services, guests can also enjoy a new inter-island service that whisks them direct from San Juan Airport to St. Barts, bypassing time-consuming transfers.

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