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Anguilla Hotel for inexpensive long stay

anguillahotel1.jpgSimply put Anguilla is a gem. It's a quiet island ringed by fabulous sandy beaches. The larger and mountainous neighboring island of St. Martin practically looms over this flat, scrubby isle. It's only a 20 minute ferry trip from the port of Marigot, on the French side.

These days, Anguilla is a haven for the rich and famous. There are exclusive hotels and expensive restaurants. However, there is only one Arawak Beach Inn. Only minutes from beautiful Shoal Bay Beach, this comfortable and inviting family-run hotel is a good value (for pricey Anguilla, anyway), especially during the summer months. This intimate gem exudes island warmth. Hexagonal, breezy, two-story villas painted in the soft pastels of the Caribbean offer spectacular views of the narrow beach and boat-dotted harbor. Deluxe units are far grander, with four-poster rattan beds, mahogany and teak furnishings, and brilliant tropical fabrics.

anguillahotel2.jpgScilly Cay, a Robinson Crusoe-like islet is just offshore and visible from the hotel. You can go there to hang out. There is also a restaurant on the isle, usually offering up lobster lunches.

Hotel prices are a very reasonable $125-$185 plus tax, depending on season and room. Here's the "beauty part" as we say in Canada. For long stays, for between one and three months, a room can be rented for $1100 a month. If you stay 3 months in the off season, the monthly rate starts at $825. Bigger, better rooms can cost three times as much. Still reasonable given the location.

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