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Beaches: Palm Beach, Aruba

palm-beach-aruba.jpgPalm Beach, Aruba
This beach runs for miles along the south coast of Aruba. All the big hotel groups are well represented here along with many American restaurant chains, for your dining pleasure. Tip on the best time to go: anytime is Aruba time, after all they are out of the hurricane zone, so it's 12 months of uninterrupted bliss on the beach! Don't need a guide book here, just a lot of novels to while away the time.

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Comments (3)

mary beth said: quote-icon-20.gif

no guide book needed? not sure Aruba is the place for me. But it looks pretty!

Kate said: quote-icon-20.gif

The officials still need to account for Natalie Halloway. Someone knows something and be it a entity bigger than any here on our or their local Government. They are being held accountable. Aruba is not where I will spend any time or money.
The situation needs to be resolved.

emily graves said: quote-icon-20.gif

Aruba is my island of choice ! !

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