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Caribbean-On-Line » Caribbean Travel Advisor » Aruba » Bugaloe Beach Bar, Aruba

Bugaloe Beach Bar, Aruba

bugaloe-beach-bar-aruba.jpgIf you are heading way down to the South Caribbean, to the hot little Island of Aruba, there is a fun little bar out on a pier that you shouldn't miss called the Bugaloe Beach Bar. The Bugaloe is located on a pier off Palm Beach between the RIU Palace and the Radisson Resort. My wife and I were just down there and we had several fun times at the Bugaloe. The first night we were there we caught a live band playing with a lead singer originally from Philadelphia... this band was a lot of fun and, actually, very good. They played everything from Santana to Michael Jackson... we actually got out there and danced... thank god there are no videos! One day we had yummy curry shrimp and a burger for lunch, another night we enjoyed a lively "Salsa Dance Workshop" where some local dance instructors had us all out there learning to dance salsa and merengue... what a hoot!

bugaloe-beach-bar.jpgThe staff at this place is really good too, friendly and efficient. Happy Hour is from 4-5 PM... don't miss this place the next time you are in Aruba, check their website for event dates and times... Bon Dia!

This travel tip submitted by "Sherban", who has some neat stuff on Google Earth.

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Comments (2)

Richard said: quote-icon-20.gif

I'm arriving from Sosua, Dominican Republic, where I enjoyed a lot staying in Sosua Bay Resort, I'm thinking to travel to Aruba and have a great time, too.

Coolmon said: quote-icon-20.gif

Sounds like a nice place to hang out for a while. I will have to visit it next time I am in that part of the Caribbean

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