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Caribbean-On-Line » Caribbean Travel Advisor » Aruba » Day trip: Aruba Kukoo Kunuku Party Bus

Day trip: Aruba Kukoo Kunuku Party Bus

aruba-bus.jpgIt's a party thing. There's a fleet of them - school buses - painted up in psychedelic colours. You whoop it up, stick your head out of the windows, wear funny hats, shake your maracas and yell in strange dialects at the passing windsurfers coming back from a hard day at the beach. The guided tour takes you all over the island, beginning at the California Lighthouse, where you'll get something alcoholic to drink while you check out the sunset. Groovy man, let's party on to the next stop. Whoop some more, and have dinner, which is included. Then it's onto 3 more bars, with the first drink on the house (punch) - and then, more whoops. Tip: You may find yourself coughing up a lot more money on drinks as the tour continues. Drinks are for sale on the bus - no - it isn't all-inclusive. Pick up is at your hotel between 5-6:30pm, and back home by midnight. $59 for adults. For more info check their website on the internet for a discounted price.

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