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Sidetrip: The Straw Market in Nassau, The Bahamas

The cranky old ladies feature large in this market. Relocated a few years ago to a hot tented canopy after the indoor market burnt down, the old timers may not like to have their photo taken, but luckily will demonstrate their weaving technique as they churn out crafted dolls, purses and hats made out of sisal, raffia and palm leaves.

Approximately 600 vendors vie for tourist dollars here. However the majority of vendors are essentially selling the same merchandise - hats, Cuban cigars, maracas and T shirts. A recent addition to the inventory appears to be knockoffs like Rolexs, and Gucci bags.

Tip: When purchasing Cubans, in spite of the sales pitch - be careful that these are factory quality. In lieu of reliable info, the only way to tell if you are getting a decent product is by having a sample puff. You don't need a guide to find the straw market, as it is located on Woodes Rogers Walk close by to the cruise ship terminal. There is also an entrance on Nassau's main thoroughfare, Bay Street. Open 7 days a week.


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