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Barbados Airport Information

barbados-airport.jpgThis airport has been under construction for years. Now that it's finished I can say that it was well worth the wait. Arrivals is smooth, and Departures features a good range of stores and eateries, as well as plenty of comfortable seating. Meanwhile you will walk to the tarmac-parked aircraft, rain or shine - No jetways or buses here.
Outside the terminal: There are a couple of banks, a variety store, a fast food restaurant and a bar serving up coffee and sweets.

Inside Arrivals: There is a bank (open 6:30am-9pm daily) where you can change into Barbados dollars, a tourist board office, and a store offering sun lotion etc., that won't likely stay in operation long, and most peculiarly, a duty-free store. Yes, you can buy some alcohol on arrival and bring it to the hotel with you! There are lots of skycaps here to assist with heavy luggage.

Departures: Here is where the new construction really shines. There is a bank (6:30am-9pm daily), three, count 'em three liquor stores, a couple of gift shops, perfume, diamonds, and a food court that sports local foods like flying fish, sandwiches, sushi, a bar and a couple of coffee joints. Also an ATM. There is Wifi (pay for it). And some old-fashioned telephones you can pay with your credit card if you are feeling flush. A three minute call will rack up a future credit card charge of $30 or more. Just think about these phones as being radioactive, and stay away. There is a lot of seating, so even when a few jumbos are getting ready to load, you should be able to find a seat.

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