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Caribbean-On-Line » Caribbean Travel Advisor » Beaches » Hotels » St. Lucia » Beach of the Month - Anse Chastenet, St. Lucia

Beach of the Month - Anse Chastenet, St. Lucia

AnseChastenetStLucia2.jpgThe Anse Chastenet Resort is located just outside the picturesque town of Soufriere, on the island of St Lucia. Whether you're a guest or just visiting for lunch, all are welcome to enjoy Anse Chastenet's spectacular black sand beach -- an unusual site in the Caribbean. Unlike the typically white sand of the region, black sand doesn't reflect the sun's rays, so the waters off its shores seem a little less blue. Midday, the dark, volcanic sand is almost too hot to walk on without sandals. But find a towel, stretch out and luxuriate in the spa-like heat emanating from it. As an added bonus, there's decent snorkeling, a certified dive shop and a beach restaurant to retreat to after your underwater explorations. Local speed boat operators will take you from Soufriere to Anse Chastenet, and return for you at a scheduled time.

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