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Day trip to Anegada in the BVI

big-bamboo-loblolly-bay-anegada.jpgUnlike the other islands that make up The British Virgins, Anegada is the only island in the group that is not mountainous. Flatter than an IHOP pancake, Anegada is an atoll - an island formed from thick layers of dead coral reef that has deposited around a volcanic island that has receded back into the sea. The great thing about atolls are their beaches. The most spectacular on this island is Loblolly Bay, a terrific stretch of sand that, as luck would have it, has a place or two to eat. And lobster is on the menu. You will find crustaceans, both fresh and reasonably priced. The beach here is one of the most pristine you can find in The Caribbean. It is not unlike the unspoiled beaches you can find on Antigua's sister island, Barbuda.

loblolly-bay-anegada.jpgAnegada is the northernmost of the British Virgin Islands. It's a totally different experience from the other islands, in that it is not geared to tourism. In fact it has a small population, and transportation getting to the island can be sporadic.

You can get there by power catamaran, Dive BVI has a trip twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays in high season, subject to getting a minimum of 8 reservations. It is supposed to take 45 minutes for the crossing, and as this boat just screams out across the ocean, you will get there fast. Cost is $80 adults/$60 children. Lunch is not included in this price. or call 284-495-5513. They have three pick up spots on Virgin Gorda: Leverick Bay, VG Yacht Harbour and Little Dix Bay. Unfortunately, they only go from Virgin Gorda, and not the most populated island of Tortola.

To get there from Tortola, Fly BVI, can take you for the day. It's only a 10 minute flight over azure seas. They will bring you out in the morning and pick up in the afternoon. They can arrange a vehicle to take you from the landing strip to the beach, and back in the afternoon to catch the return flight. Sometimes Fly BVI has a scheduled charter that you can book a seat or two on, or if not, and you have a group you can charter their services. Call them at: (284) 495-1747

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Comments (4)

any day trips from Miami or Ft. Lauderdale to any of the islands - like Jamaica or Virgin Islands... etc .. ?


Anthony said: quote-icon-20.gif

Gary those spots are a little far for a day trip from Florida. Maybe the Bahamas is doable - but there is a lot more water to cover to get to Jamaica or the Virgin Islands.

Getting to Anegada from the US or other British Virgins is a task in itself!

Anthony said: quote-icon-20.gif

Don thanks for a great post - we have a report of our short trip to Anegada as well as more photos.

Awesome post Donald, very well written and thanks for sharing them. Hope to visit Anegada soon. Keep it up and looking forward for more tips.


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