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Caribbean-On-Line » Caribbean Travel Advisor » British Virgin Islands » Found: The Ultimate Caribbean Beach Bar in the British Virgins

Found: The Ultimate Caribbean Beach Bar in the British Virgins

soggy-dollar.jpgLocated on White Bay on the small island of Jost Van Dyke, this place has two "bests": beach and bar. It is a non-stop party, with the pulsating sounds of reggae music and pounding surf. The Soggy Dollar provides plenty of free hammocks and beach chairs. At the bar, Mik serves up some excellent mixed drinks. Photographers like me appreciate that he'll keep your camera under the bar while you swim. The food's great. Check out the chicken roti, which tastes even better flushed down with a rum punch or two. With a side salad the roti costs $12. Lunch is served from 11am-3:15pm

The Soggy Dollar Bar takes its name from a little tradition sited on their website: "Since we don't have a dock here on Jost Van Dyke, our guests swim ashore from their boats and buy drinks with their soggy dollars."
The hitch: It's not easy getting here. Most arrive by boat. The BVI has some of the best sailing in the Caribbean, so for the 'yachtie' set, this is a great destination. For landlubbers it's a bit more difficult. But 'Jost' is accessible by public ferry from Tortola and St. John. For maximum enjoyment, spend a night on the island: there are a few places to stay on White Bay, as well as in Great Bay near the ferry dock.

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Comments (4)

Capt. John said: quote-icon-20.gif

You forgot to mention that the Soggy Dollar was where the Pain Killer was invented. I run a charter boat from St John and I'm there on a daily basis. All of my guests want to end up their day limin' with a Pain Killer in a hammock. In the VI this is a must stop...

PJinKY said: quote-icon-20.gif

We were there for the first time in April and plan on being there again next month. Great little bar, beautiful beach, and tasty painkillers! I'm wearing my Soggy Dollar t-shirt as I type this. "SDB - A Sunny Place for Shady People" Love it! See you next month, Capt. John. :)

mary beth said: quote-icon-20.gif

we took the ferry from st. john, no problems. it was a great day and a way to get a taset of JVD and great painkillers :) Please to return there as soon as we can!

RumShopRyan said: quote-icon-20.gif

Jost is ground zero for beach bars. The Caribbean is full famous beach bars but I dare you to find an island with with a higher number of beach bars per size of island.

Jost is paradise.


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