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Caribbean-On-Line » Caribbean Travel Advisor » Cayman Islands » Going to Hell, Cayman style

Going to Hell, Cayman style

cayman-hell-1.jpgThere's a tacky tourist attraction in the town of West Bay on Grand Cayman that's called Hell -- and you might feel like you've been to the abyss and back once you see the throngs of bus tours ascending upon this place. Deliberately situated behind a souvenir shop (where the standard greeting is: How the Hell are you?) is a weathered limestone formation that ominously resembles the netherworld. Half the size of a football field, the dark, desolate, and torturously jagged site is said to be more than a million years old. The stone forest of Hell is best viewed from a platform overlooking this valley of, well, rocks. Versions abound on how Hell got its name, but the most likable is when a local official remarked "This is what Hell must look like" when he first saw the spot. The rest is history. So if you ever want to send a postcard from Hell (there's a post office here, of course) then this is your kind of place.

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