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Cuba travel tips

November 18, 2008

Off The Beaten Track: Cuba

monserrate-cuba.jpgMusic, rum and mojitos. Not necessarily in that order - Montserrate Bar is in central Havana, a stones throw from Parque Central, just up the street from the famous El Floridita, which is said to be the birthplace of the daiquiri. The Montserrate is friendly and inexpensive, offering up lunch and dinner, usually pork and chicken. Alcohol flows as easily as the music does - choose the national drink, a mojito or beer or rum. Don't look for wine in this joint. No cover for the music, which plays all day and night, just leave a tip for the band.

November 12, 2008

Dateline: Cuba

Let's hope that common sense will prevail and that democratic principles will be applied. I'm talking about Los Estados Unidos, the good 'ole USA, that is. As it stands currently, American citizens can't travel to Cuba. Not legally and certainly not easily. Oh sure, you can fly direct from Miami (yes, there IS a flight), but it's not a 'normal' flight. Special permission must be obtained. Some Cuba-Americans get to go once in a while to visit family. And 'journalists' are allowed as well. So how about the rest of us. Not if you are American. Nope. It's a no go zone. Not allowed. Not possible. Well, not legally anyway.

Actually, the Cubans seem to love Americans and just about anything American, sans a takeover of the island. And, with a hearty welcome at passport control, they know not to stamp your passport, as they are aware that it can be hell trying to explain a stamped passport when you return to the USA.

This is you: For real officer, I was in Cancun all that time!

So, a lot of intrepid travelers, fly there by way of Canada (From Toronto you can fly to eight different cities in Cuba), Cancun, Nassau, Santo Domingo, Caracas, London, Rome, Madrid, get the picture.

Let's say that you decide to travel to Cuba anyway. Here are some tips for visiting:

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November 2, 2008

Guide to the top 10 beaches for power walkers

Orient Bay, St Martin - The Saint Tropez of the Caribbean. Beach bars and a nudist resort keep this mile long stretch from getting boring

Grand Cayman - Seven Mile Beach. Despite the name, the beach is only about 5.5 miles long, all of which is built up with hotels

Negril, Jamaica - Vendors and jerk chicken are the diversions on this 7 mile long Caribbean strand

Varadero, Cuba - 12 miles of sand along a peninsula, not even a mile wide at its widest point. Tips: Possible salsa band sightings

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic - Seemingly endless stretch of beach and coconut palms, at least 30 miles long fronted by enormous resorts

Grand Anse Beach, Grenada - 2 miles of fluffy, golden sand along a sheltered bay

Harbour Island, The Bahamas - Pink Sands Beach. Solitude, tranquility and quiet are the hallmarks of this four mile long beach

Eagle Beach, Aruba - Miles of gorgeous, blazingly white sand. Watch the windsurfers zoom by

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda - pink sand, framed by rocky coastline punctuated by sandy coves. Not officially Caribbean, but still rates an official tip

Luquillo Beach, Puerto Rico - Palm trees, hammocks, locals, snacks and miles of fine Caribbean sand and surf

June 15, 2008

UNESCO world heritage sites in the Caribbean

Currently there are 851 sites worldwide recognized by UNESCO for their unique cultural, natural and historic heritage. There are 17 sites in the Caribbean:

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