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Hotel Kura Hulanda, Curacao

Kura-Hulanda.jpgThe Hotel Kura Hulanda is a 80-room luxury boutique resort, each room unique in design: uniting historic architecture with 21st century luxury. Furnishings are evocative of colonial days past - hand-carved teak beds, antique mahogany cupboards, as well as hand-woven linens from India. Many rooms feature delicately woven mosquito netting draping four-poster beds.

Situated around several glorious courtyards (Kura Hulanda is Papiamentu --Curacao's native tongue -- for Dutch courtyard), Sixty-five 18th and 19th century Dutch colonial houses were meticulously restored to comprise the village of Hotel Kura Hulanda, which includes a spa, casino and museum.

Restoring this down-on-it's-luck neighborhood in Otrabanda was an unprecedented historic and environmental preservation project in the islands. All the derelict houses aquired over an 8 block area, were restored keeping the integrity of the original buildings, broken pavement was replaced with cobblestones imported from India, and a museum dedicated to the injustice of the African slave trade was built.

Rates begin with summer specials at $159, all the way up to $1200/night for the Indian Bridal suite.

Dining: Astrolabe Restaurant offers contemporary food in elegant surroundings, indoors and out.
Jaipur Restaurant specializes in Indian cuisine.

Beach: This is a city hotel. There is a shuttle available to take guests to a private beach, 10 minutes away.

Diversion: a five minute walk from the hotel in Otrabanda to Punda across the Queen Emma floating bridge brings you to this UNESCO world heritage site of remarkably preserved Dutch colonial buildings in Willemstad, the capital of Curacao.

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