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Caribbean-On-Line » Caribbean Travel Advisor » Dominican Republic » Day Trip: Saona Island, Dominican Republic

Day Trip: Saona Island, Dominican Republic

saona-island-dominican-republic.jpgThe destination is a gorgeous sandy offshore isle. To get there, boats depart from Bayahibe, a small fishing village on the SE coast. These trips are normally organized from hotels in Punta Cana, the nearby Domincus area, and from La Romana. Departing, a speed boat will bounce through the waves taking you to Saona, stopping in some nearby shallows for snorkeling. On the return you'll sail back on a rum-laden catamaran. Or possibly the other way around depending on the schedule. Included is a satisfying bbq lunch on the beach in Saona. Departing about 10am, the crew will have you back on the mainland by 4. Costs from Punta Cana with transportation (add 1.5 hours each way) are $90 or more. However, if you can make your own way to Bayahibe, It is possible to get passage from one of the captains for about $50. If you are staying in town, there are some small hotels starting at $30 a night. Scattered throughout the village are a few eateries, some good, some not. Try the Chinese restaurant for fresh fish.

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