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Island Hopping by air in the French West Indies

Air Caraibes
Based in France, Air Caraibes connects Paris with the French Caribbean- St Barts, St Martin, Guadeloupe and Martinique. Within the Caribbean, they have flights connecting Guadeloupe to St Martin. You can catch a small plane from tiny Esperanza airport near the town of Grand Case in St Martin to Guadeloupe.

From Guadeloupe there are short flights to their tiny offshore islands, Iles des Saintes and Marie Galante. Martinique is also accessible from the modern airport in Guadeloupe, as is a direct flight to the colony of French Guiana which is located on the northeastern coast of South America, adjacent to Brazil.

You can't reach St Barts by air from the French side of St Martin so you'll need to go to Queen Juliana airport on the Dutch side for this connection. In this case both Air Caraibes and Winair fly from St Maarten to St Barts.

If you crave speaking French, then you can also fly to Haiti from St Barts direct.

This must be their bread and butter, as Winair flies between St Martin (Queen Juliana airport) and St Barts every 10 to 30 minutes from early in the morning to evening.

The venerable inter-island Caribbean carrier LIAT, flies to Martinique from St. Lucia, as well as Guadeloupe and St. Martin from Antigua.

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