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Grenada travel tips

November 23, 2009

A Grenadian escape

le-phare-bleu.jpgLe Phare Bleu is a new property on the south coast of Grenada, combining a marina with some of the most tasteful accommodation to be found on this very West Indian island. There are only 14 rooms in total at the present. And what exceptional spaces they are! The wooden bungalows, all individual buildings, are tastefully constructed and decorated in a contemporary villa style of relaxing living spaces that merge onto the outdoor deck. To raise the bar there is a comfy canopy bed, mosaic walls in the bathroom, wooden plank floors, and a kitchen sporting modern top-of-the-line appliances. Oh did I mention that the four poster bed is the most comfortable I have ever slept in a resort. Apparently, this is a common refrain from satisfied clients.

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January 17, 2009

Airports of the Caribbean - Pt. Salines Airport in Grenada

GND%20airport%20-%20Pt%20salines.jpgPulling up by car or taxi at Grenada's sleepy airport is an easy thing to do. The parking lot is adjacent to arrivals, with the car rental outfits found immediately upon being sprung from customs. It is a small cozy affair with a few shops outside. The airport seems to be well run, with a bank, car rentals, a book shop and a couple of eateries at curbside. There is also an ATM, but no bank to change money. A Starbucks clone, called Rituals is right at curbside. There is a restaurant, or at least a facsimile of one upstairs overlooking the runway

Inside at arrivals, there is an outpost of the Board of Tourism tucked into a corner next to passport control. The location is a bit strange, as it seems that it is positioned before passport control.

The departure lounge has really been upgraded nicely in the last few years to include an excellent gift shop selling locally produced items as well as imports from Africa. There are the obligatory liquor, diamond and perfume shops, as well as a T-shirt shop and a snack bar with very limited offerings. Again there is no bank in here for exchanging your EC dollars for something more usable outside Grenada. Beware of the VERY expensive international telephones that gobble your credit card dollars like a drunken sailor. A brief call will cost you $30-$50, and that's US hard currency, not the 2.7 to one EC dollar exchange. Be forewarned!

Note: There is a departure tax levied on ALL passengers. You can pay in local EC dollars or USD. The charge is 50EC or $20 USD.

January 6, 2009

A local treat, Grenada's Nutmeg Restaurant

Rum%20Punch%20Nutmeg%20Rest.jpgview%20from%20nutmeg.jpgFor years The Nutmeg has been a favorite meeting place for locals and tourists alike. Located on the second floor of an old building, it's louvered windows overlook the Carenage, St.George's well protected harbor. The gentle breezes and great views of the harbour and moored fishing boats make this a classic local spot to while away the time.

The Nutmeg is a casual restaurant offering a great rum punch (sprinkled with nutmeg). They serve a terrific and inexpensive boneless chicken roti ($11 EC =$4.10 US) and Grenada's classic spinach-like soup, Callaloo ($6.50 EC = $2.50 US).

While the stairs down may seem a bit hard to negotiate after having one excellent rum punch too many, there is a taxi stand located conveniently a few steps away, just in case you need to find an uncomplicated way to return to your hotel after dark.

December 22, 2008

Ferry from Grenada to The Grenadines

Osprey%20Ferry.jpgTwice daily the privately owned, Osprey ferry makes a run from the tiny Grenadian Grenadine island of Petit Martinique to Carriacou and then on to Grenada. The Grenada to Carriacou portion takes about 1 1/2 hours, and completes a round trip, twice a day. If you fancy a quick day trip to Petit Martinique it's only a 20 min run from Carriacou.

The ferry is the most reasonable (though hardly cheap), and reliable way to go back and forth from Grenada to it's outlying islands. There are some flights into Carricou's Lauriston Airport from Pt. Salines in Grenada, but nowadays everyone seems to like traveling by ferry. It does arrive, after all, in St George's, eliminating the need for an expensive taxi ride from the airport.

And if you want a quick day trip to the 500 person strong island community of Petit Martinique, this is the way to do it.

If you want to traverse the entire chain of Islands you can begin your Grenadine island hop this way. Starting or finishing in Grenada. And from the other end begin or end in St Vincent. There are ferries all the way down and up the chain of islands, but it is difficult to hop the short distance from Union Island (St Vincent) to Carriacou (Grenada). Usually a very expensive private speedboat trip can bridge this gap.

Check their
Grenada to Carriacou 9am and 5:30pm daily. M-F.Sat 9am only. Sunday 8am and 5:30pm
Carriacou to Grenada: 6am and 3:30pm daily. M-Sat. Sunday 3:30pm only

The cost: One Way from Grenada to Carriacou is $80 EC ($30US)

November 16, 2008

La Sagesse Nature Centre in Grenada's outback

La%20Sagesse%20Bay.jpgOff the beaten track, and away from civilization and development, La Sagesse is a romantic getaway offering just twelve rooms. It is located on the south coast of Grenada, at the far end of an old road that cuts through the old La Sagesse plantation.

The main building, The Manor House has five rooms. The rest of the accommodation is spread out in a few other small buildings, some of which are almost touching the beach.

This is a place to relax, go swimming or take nature walks. It's a definite get-away-from-it-all kind of place. The postcard worthy horseshoe-shaped bay offers beach walkers a mile of sand to stroll while dreaming tropical thoughts.

Built to catch a cool breeze, the hotel's excellent beachside restaurant is directly on the sandy strand. This casual eatery features excellent fresh grilled fish like tuna and swordfish. As it is the only place to eat within walking distance, the dishes have been priced a bit high. Of course, this is nothing unusual as Grenada is typically pricier than some other nearby isles.


The picture perfect sandy beach on La Sagesse Bay offers some excellent shade due to a cluster of shade trees and coconut palms near the hotel. There are beach chairs for guests, and although the beach is open to everyone, getting there is problematic for anyone without a car, so normally the beach is quiet and tranquil. It is also an excellent beach for young children, as it's quite shallow and calm.

$130-$195 depending on season and room. +18% service & VAT


November 2, 2008

Guide to the top 10 beaches for power walkers

Orient Bay, St Martin - The Saint Tropez of the Caribbean. Beach bars and a nudist resort keep this mile long stretch from getting boring

Grand Cayman - Seven Mile Beach. Despite the name, the beach is only about 5.5 miles long, all of which is built up with hotels

Negril, Jamaica - Vendors and jerk chicken are the diversions on this 7 mile long Caribbean strand

Varadero, Cuba - 12 miles of sand along a peninsula, not even a mile wide at its widest point. Tips: Possible salsa band sightings

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic - Seemingly endless stretch of beach and coconut palms, at least 30 miles long fronted by enormous resorts

Grand Anse Beach, Grenada - 2 miles of fluffy, golden sand along a sheltered bay

Harbour Island, The Bahamas - Pink Sands Beach. Solitude, tranquility and quiet are the hallmarks of this four mile long beach

Eagle Beach, Aruba - Miles of gorgeous, blazingly white sand. Watch the windsurfers zoom by

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda - pink sand, framed by rocky coastline punctuated by sandy coves. Not officially Caribbean, but still rates an official tip

Luquillo Beach, Puerto Rico - Palm trees, hammocks, locals, snacks and miles of fine Caribbean sand and surf

August 19, 2008

A budget hotel in Grenada

The oddly named, Caribbean Cottage Club is a tiny retreat located on a hillside close to St. George's, the capital of Grenada. This wonderful hotel of just four rooms (three one-bedroom units and one 2 bedroom) is situated just off the main coastal road north of Grand Anse beach.

Only a two minute walk up a side street, the Cottage Club is in a residential area with colorful characters galore.

The owner, Victoria, is a friendly Italian expat who has been living in Grenada for almost two decades. She has built her dream house and a oasis for travelers on property in back of her home. The small complex is built of local hardwood and has a West Indian charm not easily found anymore.http://http://

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July 4, 2008

Bois Bande, Nature's Aphrodisiac

West Indian folklore has it that the bark of a tropical tree (Richeria Grandis) found in the mountains of Grenada, Trinidad and other isles in the Windward island chain have the properties of an aphrodisiac. And not any old aphrodisiac, but one with the well documented side effects of Viagra. It's called Boís Bande.

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June 9, 2008

On the rum trail in Grenada

Westerhall-Rum.jpgDriving through the countryside in Grenada you can see many ruins of sugar mills and rum distilleries dotting the countryside. They date back 200 years or more to an era when labour was plentiful and demand high. Currently there are three remaining distilleries in Grenada. And they all seem to specialize in overproof rum, which is favored by the local consumers, Grenada doesn't export very much rum these days.

- By far the best place to see rum made is the River Antoine Rum Distillery. In continuous operation since 1785, this place looks like it hasn't gotten a good scrubbing down since the days of 'big sugar'. Boasting that they have the oldest operating waterwheel in the Western Hemisphere, it still squishes the cane to produce juice which runs into large vats waiting to be boiled down. The tasteful rum they produce from pure cane juice comes in at a very strong 69% and 75%. River Antoine also makes a pre-mixed rum punch.

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January 30, 2008

Island Hopping by local ferry


Some Caribbean islands are easier to get to than others. Those would be the ones you can fly into. However, once you land think about taking local ferries to experience some of the smaller islands. The following is a short guide to the possibilities:

The USVI and The BVI are well connected to each other, as well as to their local island communities. Ferry companies, Smiths and Speedy's connect Tortola to Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke and other smaller isles in the BVI. St. Thomas and St John are almost joined at the hip due to excellent, frequent service. Tip: You can go from the US side to the British side easily. (

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