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A Grenadian escape

le-phare-bleu.jpgLe Phare Bleu is a new property on the south coast of Grenada, combining a marina with some of the most tasteful accommodation to be found on this very West Indian island. There are only 14 rooms in total at the present. And what exceptional spaces they are! The wooden bungalows, all individual buildings, are tastefully constructed and decorated in a contemporary villa style of relaxing living spaces that merge onto the outdoor deck. To raise the bar there is a comfy canopy bed, mosaic walls in the bathroom, wooden plank floors, and a kitchen sporting modern top-of-the-line appliances. Oh did I mention that the four poster bed is the most comfortable I have ever slept in a resort. Apparently, this is a common refrain from satisfied clients.

There is a small sandy beach at the base of the dock, which leads to their one of their two dining rooms. In this case it is shipboard, a reconstructed Swedish lightship. The Västra Banken was originally built in 1901 and served as a floating lighthouse before being retired decades ago.

The owners of Le Phare Bleu were looking to build a lighthouse to mark the entry to their marina. When they got wind of the lightship, they bought it, made extensive repairs and had it shipped piggy back from Europe to the island on a larger freighter, where it was positioned at the resort. It's lower deck contains a museum about the history of lightships, while the upper decks are a restaurant. You can feel the motion of the sea, ever so slightly while dining. The restaurant is superb, as the chef tries to use as many local ingredients as he can source from all across the island. He is also a big fan of rum. Ask for some of his good stuff!

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