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Caribbean-On-Line » Caribbean Travel Advisor » Grenada » A local treat, Grenada's Nutmeg Restaurant

A local treat, Grenada's Nutmeg Restaurant

Rum%20Punch%20Nutmeg%20Rest.jpgview%20from%20nutmeg.jpgFor years The Nutmeg has been a favorite meeting place for locals and tourists alike. Located on the second floor of an old building, it's louvered windows overlook the Carenage, St.George's well protected harbor. The gentle breezes and great views of the harbour and moored fishing boats make this a classic local spot to while away the time.

The Nutmeg is a casual restaurant offering a great rum punch (sprinkled with nutmeg). They serve a terrific and inexpensive boneless chicken roti ($11 EC =$4.10 US) and Grenada's classic spinach-like soup, Callaloo ($6.50 EC = $2.50 US).

While the stairs down may seem a bit hard to negotiate after having one excellent rum punch too many, there is a taxi stand located conveniently a few steps away, just in case you need to find an uncomplicated way to return to your hotel after dark.

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Comments (2)

Anthony said: quote-icon-20.gif

Great rum punch photo. Now that makes me thirsty!

Totally agree with the fab Chicken Roti. We had the pleasure of a really filling lunch for much cheapness. Will be back in May for more!!!

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