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Caribbean-On-Line » Caribbean Travel Advisor » Grenada » Airports of the Caribbean - Pt. Salines Airport in Grenada

Airports of the Caribbean - Pt. Salines Airport in Grenada

GND%20airport%20-%20Pt%20salines.jpgPulling up by car or taxi at Grenada's sleepy airport is an easy thing to do. The parking lot is adjacent to arrivals, with the car rental outfits found immediately upon being sprung from customs. It is a small cozy affair with a few shops outside. The airport seems to be well run, with a bank, car rentals, a book shop and a couple of eateries at curbside. There is also an ATM, but no bank to change money. A Starbucks clone, called Rituals is right at curbside. There is a restaurant, or at least a facsimile of one upstairs overlooking the runway

Inside at arrivals, there is an outpost of the Board of Tourism tucked into a corner next to passport control. The location is a bit strange, as it seems that it is positioned before passport control.

The departure lounge has really been upgraded nicely in the last few years to include an excellent gift shop selling locally produced items as well as imports from Africa. There are the obligatory liquor, diamond and perfume shops, as well as a T-shirt shop and a snack bar with very limited offerings. Again there is no bank in here for exchanging your EC dollars for something more usable outside Grenada. Beware of the VERY expensive international telephones that gobble your credit card dollars like a drunken sailor. A brief call will cost you $30-$50, and that's US hard currency, not the 2.7 to one EC dollar exchange. Be forewarned!

Note: There is a departure tax levied on ALL passengers. You can pay in local EC dollars or USD. The charge is 50EC or $20 USD.

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