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Bois Bande, Nature's Aphrodisiac

West Indian folklore has it that the bark of a tropical tree (Richeria Grandis) found in the mountains of Grenada, Trinidad and other isles in the Windward island chain have the properties of an aphrodisiac. And not any old aphrodisiac, but one with the well documented side effects of Viagra. It's called Boís Bande.

Bois-Bande.jpgNot wanting to let the cat out of the bag, locals are hip to this phenomenon and prefer to keep it to themselves. You'll have to search out people who want to talk about it. In fact islanders have been using Boís Bande for hundreds of years. Even today you'll find bark stripped off of forest trees. Now you know why. Some use it to make a potion infused tea, or of course suspended in rum, usually overproof rum at that!

It is believed that Viagra, and it's close cousins Levitra and Cialis were synthesized from it's chemical properties.

The bark (which is sometimes locally called mountain spices) is frequently mixed with other herbs and spices and made into rum or a local wine. In lieu of foraging for it in the wild, Boís Bande can be found on the shelf in liquor stores, in Grenada. In St. Maarten, Guavaberry markets a Boís Bande infused rum (they get their bark from Dominica). It can be bought online at

Travelers foraging about Guadeloupe can also find a rum drink infused with the bark sold in some local shops.


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Comments (3)

mary beth said: quote-icon-20.gif

why would anyone who lives on the Windward Islands need such a thing? ;)

RickG said: quote-icon-20.gif

And I thought Guinness Foreign Extra Stout was West Indian Viagra!

Cheers, RickG

james wood said: quote-icon-20.gif

I saw a video on Youtube with a Grenadan guy that sell Bois Bande Rum and Wine.

Worth checking natures aphrodisiac and viewing for yourself.

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