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On the rum trail in Grenada

Westerhall-Rum.jpgDriving through the countryside in Grenada you can see many ruins of sugar mills and rum distilleries dotting the countryside. They date back 200 years or more to an era when labour was plentiful and demand high. Currently there are three remaining distilleries in Grenada. And they all seem to specialize in overproof rum, which is favored by the local consumers, Grenada doesn't export very much rum these days.

- By far the best place to see rum made is the River Antoine Rum Distillery. In continuous operation since 1785, this place looks like it hasn't gotten a good scrubbing down since the days of 'big sugar'. Boasting that they have the oldest operating waterwheel in the Western Hemisphere, it still squishes the cane to produce juice which runs into large vats waiting to be boiled down. The tasteful rum they produce from pure cane juice comes in at a very strong 69% and 75%. River Antoine also makes a pre-mixed rum punch.

The Westerhall Distillery also dates from the late 1700's. However, all of the rum they sell comes from Trinidad and is repackaged or blended in Grenada. Overproof 'Jack Iron' is one of the islands most popular beverages, and Westerhall's best seller. It has been compared to paint remover, but if your stomach lining can handle it, you'll be rewarded in no time with a wobble in your step. They have a museum and offer a distillery tour of the post-industrial relics like old pot stills and a broken water wheel, strewn about their site. Westerhall blends a 'Havana' rum, and exports it to the expat Cuban community in Florida. It truly tastes like it came from Cuba!

-Clarke's Court is the largest distillery. They import rum, as well as make their own. Not surprisingly, their most popular rum, Clarke's Pure White, is 69% alcohol. Although advertised on the island as a great mixer, it is usually drunk neat by local islanders.

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