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Hotels: Palm Island Beach Resort

palm-island-beach-resort-1.jpgpalm-island-beach-resort-2.jpgPalm Island Beach Resort is the quintessential private island resort. This 135 acre island is located in The Grenadines, a chain of idyllic islands that are part of St. Vincent. The easiest way to get there is by short flight from Barbados to neighboring Union Island. Palm's private launch meets the plane and after a ten minute boat trip you've arrived at one of the most exclusive getaways in the Caribbean. Featuring 37 bungalows, the resort is an all-inclusive of the highest order.

Food: Table service featuring a changing menu of steak, fish, lobster. All the wine you can drink. A buffet happens one night a week, featuring a tremendous selection of meat and fish.

What to do?: Day sail on Yannis catamaran to the Tobago Cays. Full day at sea, checking out the reknown Cays, which are four uninhabited isles floating in the clearest, bluest water you have ever seen. Includes lunch, beer, rum punch, snorkeling gear.

Internet: Available in the library and game room, free of charge

Beach: One of my favorites, the golden sand of Casuarina beach will make a beach lover weep. Also a pool for you landlubbers. Hammocks swing between palm trees

Prices: $650-$875 daily for a double in low season
$850-$1075 daily for a double at Christmas


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