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Inexpensive room on the beach

Peace Haven Guest House

Peace%20Haven%20Guest%20House.jpgMy old friend Lucelle runs her variety store with the help of Danelle. These ladies are the salt of the earth, and knowing them just makes you feel fuzzy all over to be in the 'real' Caribbean.

The store is on the main street of Hillborough, which is really the only town in Carriacou. There are a few settlements around this small island, but all the 'action' is here.

Behind the store is Lucelles home. There are a couple of rooms built above it. They are clean, self catering and on the beach. This has got to be the best value in the Caribbean, and I almost hesitate to let people know about it, except that Lucelle has bills like the rest of us, and could surely use the income she would get if the rooms were full all the time.

There is a fridge, and a propane-fired hotplate, as well as a toaster oven. There is a sink and some pots and pans and cutlery, although if you plan on doing some serious cooking, you'd better bring some of your own. Actually, there is a really limited amount of foodstuffs for sale on the island. So, consider bringing as much food as you can haul from the supermarkets in Grenada.

The beach in front of her place is spectacular, in spite of being so close to the town. The main dock is just a few hundred feet away.

The rooms both have balconies overlooking the sea, and come equipped with two double beds and a grainy TV. It's not luxury, but for $45 a night, it's clearly a great deal! Bring mosquito repellent.

Lucelle Akins, Peace Haven Guest House, Main Street, Carriacou, Grenada
(473) 443-7475 or (473) 443-8365
just tell her 'Don from Toronto' sent you

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