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Off The Beaten Track: a Bequia hotel cheapie

One of my favorite haunts is Julie's Guest House in Bequia, which is just south of the 'mainland' of St. Vincent, one hour by ferry. Julie (a man), runs a wonderful local hotel, that caters to travellers. OK, so maybe it's a one star, but....for about $60 a day you get a hotel room, breakfast and dinner. Tip: The air-con rooms are in another building, and costs a bit more. At Julie's it's still the old Caribbean, where everyone says good day, please and thank you - a lot. There are mosquito nets in the rooms ( bring some deet, anyway). There is a small bar, serving up some of the best rum punches on the planet. And---it's a place to meet other travellers, you'll love it. Totally, OFF the beaten track! (784) 458-3530 or (784) 457-3497

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