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Recent Panama travel Tips

Hotels: Kuanidup, San Blas Islands, Panama

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Panama travel tips

October 17, 2008

Hotels: Kuanidup, San Blas Islands, Panama

kuanidup-panama-1.jpgPlay Robinson Crusoe in this all-inclusive on a tiny island in the Caribbean Sea. Stranded on this palm-studded isle just off the mainland of Panama in the Caribbean Sea means that you get to stay in a sand floor bamboo hut. If your thirst beckons, you can climb up a palm tree for a coconut. The staff, comprised of Kuna Indians, will try to fill your dinner request for fish or lobster by diving for them before meal time. If they come up empty, no problem there will be something to prepare, perhaps a crab, or something from the fridge. There is just enough power to keep the kitchen going, but the rest of the island will be dark at night. Kerosene lamps are provided. There are only eight cabins, a hundred palm trees and not enough sand to take longer than five minutes to circumnavigate the island by foot. Included with the all-inclusive package are trips by dugout canoe to neighboring fly specks of islands - mostly uninhabited. Bring books to read in the hammocks that wave gently in the breeze.

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