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Caribbean-On-Line » Caribbean Travel Advisor » Beaches » St. Martin » Beaches: Grand Case, St. Martin

Beaches: Grand Case, St. Martin

sxm-grand-case.jpgThe long beach at Grand Case in French St. Martin is divided into two sections - Grand and Petit. Grand plage stretches out behind some of the Caribbean's best restaurants and lolo's, the local equivalent of bbq joints. Pictured is petit plage, in front of the Grand Case Beach Club. The Sunset restaurant, with waiter service on the beach for hotel guests, is built onto a cliff and looks out onto the golden sands. This is a strand for beachcombers who don't mind being lured away from their stroll by an aromatic baguette freshly baked by a local patisserie or a spiced rum offered up at any number of bars along the route.

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